Will you look after our children for us?

First and foremost: your child is your own responsibility and must be supervised by you at all times. Whilst we try to make the venue as child friendly as possible it is also used for a range of other purposes and events, and will always have unavoidable nooks and crannies which tiny people can cause mischief in.

How much are tickets?

Adult tickets are £8, and under 18s are £5 (healthy snack included). Under ones are free, but you must book them a ticket (select the under-one option in the drop down options when booking your ticket). Please note, you will not receive a ticket in the post. We have a paperless policy so they won’t be sent out to you however, you are welcome to print them yourself or present via an electronic device on the day.

Where’s the party at?

Open is situated on Bank Plain, close to Castle Meadow bus stops and car park. For more information, visit their website

What ages is the event suitable for?

The event is aimed at 0-5 year olds, but we appreciate that children of all ages enjoy a bit of a dance, and we don’t expect you to leave bigger siblings at home. We do ask that you have a quiet word with older ones about knee skids, cartwheels and over-enthusiastic breakdancing though, as there will be some very small people on the dance floor. If you are bringing a teenager with you, please make us aware in advance as we will need to ensure they wear a wristband, to avoid bar staff mistakenly serving them alcohol.

Who clears up after?

We kindly ask that you dispose of all nappies and waste in the bins provided, and leave all facilities in a state that you would wish to find them. If your child has an accident and it is not possible for you to clear it up, please inform a member of staff immediately. Nobody likes stepping in toddler wee (or worse)…

Do we need to book in advance?

All of our events have sold out, so we advise booking as far in advance as you can to avoid disappointment – we will not be selling any tickets on the door. On the day, please bring a print out of your ticket or have the confirmation email ready on your phone (we’re all for saving trees). Without proof of booking we may not be able to admit you.

Will you be taking photographs?

Yes. We will be photographing and filming the day for promotional use, and there may also be photographers from the local press present. By attending the event you give your consent for photographs of you and your family to be used in this manner. If you believe you or your children have been directly filmed or photographed and you do not want your image to be used, please contact us as soon as possible and we will try to ensure no close-ups are featured anywhere (we cannot guarantee that you won’t be pictured in larger group/background shots).

We are of course happy for you to take photos for personal use and social media (and please use the hashtag #rattlebabydisco so that we can see!), however there should be no commercial photography without gaining our prior permission.

What sort of music do you play?

Don’t worry, we don’t just play the Frozen soundtrack on loop. We try and keep our playlist pretty eclectic, the main criteria being how good it is to dance to. From funk, soul and swing, to classic pop and rock….and maybe a bit of Disney. As most of the music we play isn’t specifically for children, there may be the odd naughty word that slips through the net, but we do our best to keep it clean.

Is there booze?

Absolutely. Do you think we’d be cruel enough to put you in a room with 200 dancing toddlers and not provide booze? However, to comply with licensing rules, alcohol is only available to buy from the upstairs bar, where children are not permitted. Once purchased, drinks can be taken downstairs, but we ask that you drink responsibly and do not leave alcohol unattended – for obvious reasons.

I can no longer make it, can I have a refund?

Unfortunately tickets are non-refundable, but if you find you can’t make it, please feel free to transfer your booking to a friend – they will just need to give your name on the door. Alternatively, if the event has sold out, send us an email and we will do our best to match you with someone on our waiting list.

Is everything at the event safe/allergy friendly?

Face painting, glow sticks and craft materials are provided for your family’s enjoyment, and are all non-toxic/as gentle as possible, but we suggest that you use these at your own discretion, according to the age and ability of your child. Please feel free to check the ingredients, where applicable, if you are concerned your child may have an allergy or sensitivity to anything used.

The snacks we provide for the children are free from the main allergens (dairy, nuts, gluten, egg and soy). However, the venue sell their own refreshments, and we will also have food based stalls, so we cannot certify the event as ‘allergy friendly’. If you are giving children your own refreshments we ask that you try and make sure they are not left around where other children could get hold of them (mainly the floor, as let’s face it, that’s where most children like to forage for food).

I would like to have a stall / perform at/ sponsor the event, who do I contact?

For all enquiries, please email us via our contact form